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AccuLifting  is a special agent that helps sulfate ions to be removed from lead plates. Sulphation is normal process in a battery during its discharge. During a regular  recharge  process, the Lead Sulfate is reabsorbed in the electrolyte.

But when batteries are left alone during a long period they suffer from the auto-discharge effect.

During this time, Sulfate has formed a deposit on the battery plates in a thick layer, reducing the current flow. (Internal resistance increasing) 

As the battery capacity is determined by its maximum currrent, capability, the battery is loosing its capacity, even if the charger regulator does not "see" any difference. 
(Charger regulators are driven by voltage and not current) 


Picture 1 shows a heavily sulfated plate from a  Deep  Cycle 300 Ah battery. 
Starting from the bottom, where there is nearly no sulfate, the sulfate layer tickness gradually increases up to the top  of the plate. 
The white-gray areas are sulfate cristals strongly hooked on the lead plate. (actual size : 33 X 29 cm) The dark area, at the bottom of the plate is the only area without sulfate.
Only 20% of the plate surface remains active.
The top part clearly dark with a straight line transiition shows the surface treated with the Acculifiting as a test.
The plate was partially placed in a solution with 100ml/l Acculifting in rain water to show the result of the reaction.

Sulfated lead acid battery plate zoom
Picture 2 shows a zoom on a heavily sulfated area.
The layer is so tick that it can no longer be dissolved during the normal charging process.
The white-gray sulfate covers the lead plate insulating the plate from the electrolyte.
Due to that insulating layer, the battery internal resistance has increased, reducing the battery capacity. 
One of the jost visible effects of sulfation is  "gassing". 
During the charging process, the   electrolyte starts gassing rather quickly which contributes to a s
trong electrolyte evaporation.   

  dosed in small quantity in each battery cell, binds itself to sulphate ions, un-hooking them from the plates.

AccuLifting is completely miscible in water, but is not soluble in organic systems.

is a stable product even in presence of other chemicals like acid. 

dosed in small quantity does not alter the electrolyte quality.
The battery acid breaks down the link with lead sulfate, leaving the ions  to be reabsorbed by the electrolyte.

has an extended action time, which means that it's not necessary to add further quantities later.


As the AccuLifting  is strongly basic (high Ph), do not mix large quantites in the electrolyte .

This leads to an exothermic reaction, producing heat and bubbles that will quickly destroy the battery by un-hooking the oxyde pellets from the plates. 
In extreme cases the battery could explode or acid projections could occur. 

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